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In California, a lot of time is spent trying to predict earthquakes.

Many of us who were involved in the Northridge earthquake of 1994 are anticipating the next “big one.”

Since the Northridge earthquake, California structures have been altered to the seismic shifts that earthquakes can cause.

Regardless of the alterations you have taken to protect your home or business, earthquakes are still the part of nature that is uncontrollable, nor can they be predicted with any certainty, although scientists are actively working on it. With any disaster, fire or flood, earthquake—preparedness and being proactive is the best option for you and your property’s protection.

When an earthquake strikes the damage will need to be corrected.

This is when you will need a contractor specializing in earthquake damage restoration to reach a solution that gets your property restored to its original condition, in as short a time as possible. H&H Builders and Restoration, Inc. has been performing earthquake damage restoration projects in Southern California area for over 25 years.

H&H Builders and Restoration, Inc. has had associations with many if not most of the California insurance carriers. We use an insurance industry standard and approved program called Xactimate to prepare our estimates and maintain an excellent record with the Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB).

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