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Biohazard Cleanup

The cleanup of bio-hazardous materials and debris from a structure requires not just the mechanical removal of fluids, chemicals, and tissues, but the systematic disinfection of the surrounding areas. Our Project Managers, Restoration Teams and managed and supervised certified subcontractors are in place to deal with the difficult tasks of addressing the physical removal and restoration of the property, while handling the matter with respect and discretion.


We are committed to providing quality reconstruction services to commercial and residential customers that require        bio-hazard cleanup and removal. By putting people first, as our first priority, we’ve become the leader in insurance restoration

for Southern California.

Our services include:

  • Blood borne pathogen clean-up

  • Crime scene residue clean-up

  • Animal waste and carcass clean-up (squirrels, birds, bats, rodents, skunks)

  • Contagious disease decontamination

  • Crime/death/suicide scene decontamination

  • Drug/meth lab clean-up

  • Human waste decontamination

  • Industrial and commercial accident decontamination

  • Law enforcement decontamination (holding cells, police vehicles, interrogation rooms)

  • PCB decontamination and disposal (ballasts, transformers, capacitors, assorted liquids and solids)

  • Tear gas clean-up

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