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Contents Restoration

An initial step of contents restoration services is to pack-out the damaged items and have them delivered to our qualified service provider’s local facilities for thorough cleaning. To ensure nothing is lost during the contents restoration process, a comprehensive pack-out and inventory of your items is completed on site. Your items will remain stored in our local service partners facility until all restoration work is completed and can safely be returned to your property.


After content cleaning and restoration, your items are returned to your home or business and are once again inventoried to ensure that all items taken from your property are successfully restored and returned.

Our qualified service partners will provide comprehensive contents restoration for items damaged by water, fire, smoke, or mold. Some of the equipment , processes, and solutions used are:

  • Soda blasting

  • Pressure washing

  • Simple Green

  • ASA-1000

  • Air duct cleaning

  • Deodorization

  • And more!

The processes and solutions used to restore your property are determined by the type of damage present and the severity of the damage. Some items can be restored with simple cleaning solutions and elbow grease, while others require more advanced and specialized cleaning and restoration techniques.

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